Sebastian Gabel



Gabel S and Timoshenko A (2022). Product Choice with Large Assortments: A Scalable Deep-Learning Model. Management Science, 68(3):1808–1827. [Journal]

    2022 Frank M. Bass Dissertation Paper Award, finalist.

Gabel S and Guhl D (2022). Comparing the Effectiveness of Rewards and Individually Targeted Coupons in Loyalty Programs. Journal of Retailing, 98(3):395–411. [Journal]

Gabel S, Guhl D, and Klapper D (2019). P2V-MAP: Mapping Market Structure for Large Assortments. Journal of Marketing Research, 56(4):557–580. [Journal] [GitHub]

    2017 EMAC Best Paper Based on Doctoral Dissertation Award, finalist (working paper).

Proceedings (excerpt)

Schrage R, Kenning P, Guhl D, and Gabel S (2020). Price Personalization Technology in Retail Stores: Examining the Role of Users’ Trust. In Proceedings of the 41st International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS). [Journal]

Gabel S and Klapper D (2017). Embedding Products in Latent Attribute Spaces: Implications for Managing Assortments in FMCG Retailing. In Proceedings of the 46th EMAC Conference, Groningen (Finalist EMAC best paper award based on a doctoral dissertation).

Working papers

Gabel S, Simester D, and Timoshenko A (2023). Retail Media Platforms: Learning Treatment Effects Across Brands. [Working paper]

Gabel S, Molitor D, and Spann M (2023). The Effect of an Ad Ban on Retailer Sales: Insights from a Natural Experiment. [Working paper]

Gabel S and Ringel D (2023). The Gestalt of the Shopping Basket. [Working paper]

Gabel S and Guhl D (2022). Coupon Personalization in Retail Promotion Networks: Evidence from 809 Brand Campaigns. [Working paper]